P-REX lab is a research group focused on environmental issues caused by urbanization, including the design, remediation, and reuse of landscapes worldwide. All of our research and work emphasizes the link between our consumption of natural resources, and the waste and destruction of landscape, to help us better understand how to proceed with redesigning around our wasteful lifestyles for more intelligent design and development outcomes. Unlike conventional practice, there are no scalar limits in our outlook or pedagogy: projects are defined by the extent of the urban and environmental problems being addressed. We coined the term “Systemic Design” to describe our approach to urbanization, which considers the entire urban enterprise as one holistic system that can be improved through design thinking.


Alan M. Berger is the Norman B. and Muriel Leventhal Professor of Advanced Urbanism at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Urban Studies & Planning. His most recent book is Infinite Suburbia (with Joel Kotkin, Celina Balderas Guzman), a global perspective on suburban expansion.

In addition to his award winning books Drosscape: Wasting Land in Urban America, and Reclaiming the American West, his other books include Designing the Reclaimed Landscape, The Infrastructural Monument and Scaling Infrastructure (with Alexander D'Hooghe), Nansha Coastal City: Landscape and Urbanism in the Pearl River Delta (with Margaret Crawford). His most recently published books are Systemic Design Can Change the World and Landscape + Urbanism Around the Bay of Mumbai (with Rahul Mehrotra). He also co-edited LCAU's 2013 Report on the State of Health + Urbanism (with Andrew Scott).

Prior to MIT, Berger was Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture at Harvard-GSD, 2002-2008. He is a Prince Charitable Trusts Fellow of The American Academy in Rome.


P-REX originated in 2002 at Harvard-GSD as The Project for Reclamation Excellence, a sustained effort to understand, represent and design reclaimed environments associated with large-scale natural resource extraction. Simply referred to today as P-REX lab, our portfolio of work demonstrates that landscape alteration, whether from relic industrial processes or new urbanization, is a ubiquitous, global condition. We research and practice through a highly targeted application of custom workflows developed to understand and solve each particular problem. 


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David Birge


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Sara Brown
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Ethan Lay-Sleeper
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Jeff Rominger
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