Study of Future Urban Mobility in North America (Phase 1)

Research Sponsor:

Toyota Research Institute—North America
TEMA, Ann Arbor, Michigan (TRI-NA)

Principal Investigators:

Alan M. Berger

Research Team:
Casey L. Brown

The focus of this research is to establish the dominant movement patterns in modern U.S. urban areas (referred to herein as Megapolitan areas) and to deduce future appropriate mobility opportunities for specific regions. Products of this project will include a literature review on relevant U.S. urbanization research and analysis and its impact on transportation; Metro Area Urbanization Mapping and a report format explanation of dynamic changes ongoing in U.S. metro areas. Large-scale mappings will detail urbanization (density, transport infrastructure, and built areas), using the most up-to-date data available. Urbanization/Transportation “gap” mappings and explanation of other North American cities may also be included. Smaller-scale mappings will document possible deficits in the local transportation needs/patterns and reveal the differences between the Metro Area Urbanization Mappings and other metro area’s projections in regional plans).

(Internal publication, 2008-10)

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